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Exclusivity made easy for you!

From 1 October 2023, exclusive access to Bitcoin ATMs will only be available through the Kurant Wallet app!

It's that easy - discover it now!

Secure exclusive access: Download the Kurant Wallet app exclusively for iOS or Android. Just search for Kurant Wallet in the App Store or Google Play and use it for free.

Register now: If you are not yet registered, we invite you to register at https://app.kurant.net/de/register so that you can use your wallet at ATMs.

Experience exclusivity: Once you sign up, the whole world of Bitcoin transactions is open to you. You are now part of the exclusive community of Kurant Wallet users.

Let’s go: From now on, you can use the Kurant Wallet to make transactions at our ATMs.


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Step 1 - Open the Kurant app

Open the Kurant app and confirm the general terms and

– general terms and conditions,
– Terms of Use and
– privacy policy.

Click on “Continue to the app”.

Step 2 - Add wallet

Click on the “Add now” button.

Note: Only one wallet can be linked to the Kurant account.
Additional wallets cannot be used with Kurant ATMs.

Step 3 - Naming the wallet

Give your wallet a name (e.g. My Wallet) and click on “Create”.

Note: Only click on “Import wallet” if you already have a wallet that you would like to restore.
If you want to create additional wallets, you must do this using the “Import wallet” function.

Step 4 - Sign wallet with your account

Log in to https://app.kurant.net/en/register
If you are not yet registered, please complete the registration process once.

Once you have successfully logged in, please navigate to “Settings” and then to “Wallet”.

Then scan the QR code and confirm by clicking on “Activate”.

Step 5 - Unlocked

Your wallet is now activated.

Step 6 - Note the seed

Please make a note of the 12 words and keep them in a safe place where you can find them.
These words will help you recover your wallet or mobile phone if you lose it.

So keep them safe!

Click on “Ok, I have made a note of them”.

Further details

Wallet - Export / Backup

You can create a security backup of your wallet here. This 12-word recovery phrase was already shown to you when you created the wallet, but you can view it again here.

Wallet - Export history as CSV

You can export your transaction history here. This can provide a better overview if you have several transactions, for example.

Wallet - xPub anzeigen

The xPub is not to be confused with the private key, which means that no transactions can be sent with the xPub and no wallet can be restored. Bitcoin is designed to create a new receiving address for each new transaction – every time you receive a crypto value, the xPub creates a new receiving address. This xPub therefore adds up all the values that have landed on the various receiving addresses that it has generated and can therefore be used, among other things, as a transaction overview, but also to sign or verify your receiving address

Wallet - Sign / verify message

You can use this function to confirm that you are actually the recipient of this address.

Delete Wallet

If you have created one or more wallets that you no longer wish to have displayed, you can delete them here. Caution, make sure that you have noted the 12-word recovery phrase if you want to restore this wallet at a later date or at a different location. The wallet is completely deleted after the deletion process.

App - Other settings

Here you can change the displayed currency and switch between German and English.


Selecting the wallet

You can now see your newly created wallet (e.g. My Wallet) in the overview.

-> Select it

Check activation

As soon as the activation has been completed in all systems, you will see the message “Wallet activated” at the bottom.

To get to the QR code of your receiving address, select “Receive”.

Use QR code

You will now see your QR code, which you can use at the ATM.

Receive notification when payment is received

Here you can set to receive a notification each time you receive a payment on your wallet.


Here you will find your receiving address and can send it directly via various message providers or simply copy it so that you can paste it manually elsewhere.

Amount to be received

Sollten Sie einen mit dem Versender ausgemachten Betrag, auf Wunsch auch mit einer Beschreibung für was diese Zahlung ist, vereinbart haben, können Sie diese Funktion dafür nutzen, um einen QR-Code zu erstellen, wo bereits der gewünschte Betrag inkl. Zweck darin festgehalten ist. Bei einer normalen Transaktion benötigen Sie diese Funktion nicht.

Create multiple wallets

You can create several wallets in the Kurant Wallet app, but you can only link one to your Kurant customer account. If you connect a new wallet to your customer account, this will disconnect the currently connected wallet and it can no longer be used at the Kurant ATM; only the newly connected wallet can be used.

Read Only Wallets

If you do not enter the private key or the 12-word recovery phrase under “Import wallet” but an xPub or a receiving address (public key), you will see a wallet with a grey background in your overview. This is a wallet on which only the transaction history and the current balance can be viewed, but no transactions can be made, so you cannot access it via the values.


How can I determine whether the Tx has arrived?

After successful dispatch, you can track the transaction on a blockchain explorer and use the entry there to prove that the transaction took place. You can enter the receiving address there and determine the status – if the recipient claims not to have received anything but the blockchain entry clearly proves that the transaction was successful, there must be a technical problem with the recipient or their statement does not correspond to the facts.

What is "Increase TRX fee"?

If the transaction fee was very low when the transaction was already sent and the transaction is not confirmed as a result, you can speed up the sending process if you still have a balance on your wallet by subsequently increasing the transaction fee with “Increase TRX fee”. The higher the transaction fee, the faster the transaction is usually confirmed. The amount of the transaction fee increase is adjusted by the wallet itself to the current utilisation.

What happens with "Cancel transaction"

If the transaction has not yet been confirmed by the network, it can still be cancelled. This makes sense, for example, if the network fees are so high that the transaction would take a very long time. You can then cancel the transaction and try again at a later time when the fees are lower again.

Can a transaction be cancelled

Once the transaction has been sent and confirmed in the network, the transaction can no longer be cancelled. It is only possible to contact the recipient and ask them to reverse the transaction. Therefore, always make sure in advance that the address has been entered correctly and that the recipient is actually the person to whom the transaction is to be sent.

Further information

How can I create a security backup of my wallet?

Your wallet backup consists of 12 words and is displayed when you create your wallet. You need this to restore your wallet and the associated crypto values/bitcoin. If you lose your mobile phone, for example, you can use these 12 words to restore your wallet.

One important thing to know is that only you know these 12 words, nobody else. If you lose them, nobody can replace them or tell them to you. However, as soon as you share these 12 words with someone else, that person has unrestricted access to your crypto assets/bitcoin – so be very careful and do not reveal them to anyone.

If you still have access to your wallet and have not yet written down these 12 words, do this in the Kurant Wallet app by going to your wallet and then clicking on “Export / Backup” in the menu. There you will see the 12 words or alternatively your private key in the form of a QR code.

How can I restore my wallet

If you have lost your wallet or no longer have access to it, you can restore it using the 12-word recovery phrase. These are the 12 words that you were asked to write down in a safe place when you created the wallet. Take these 12 words and enter them in the app as follows

1. go to “add wallet – add now” on the home screen

2. in the next step, press “Import wallet”

3. enter the 12 words one after the other with a space between each word

4. press “Import”

Your wallet should now be displayed again in the overview. If this is the case, make sure that you safely store the 12-word recovery phrase again.

What to do if the stored PIN is forgotten or the mobile phone is lost

If you can no longer access your wallet because, for example, you have forgotten your wallet PIN, lost your mobile phone or experienced other technical difficulties that led to the loss of your wallet, you can easily restore it using the 12-word recovery phrase.

What is a network fee on the Bitcoin blockchain?

Damit Ihre Transaktion bearbeitet wird, liegt jeder Transaktion eine Transaktionsgebühr bei, welche vor Versand bestimmt werden muss. Meistens schlägt Ihnen Ihre Wallet diese schon vor, bspw in Form einer Auswahl von drei Geschwindigkeitsstufen, je nachdem wie schnell die Transaktion durchgeführt werden soll, wie hier zu sehen “Senden”. Je höher die Transaktionsgebühr ist, desto schneller wird die Transaktion in der Regel bestätigt – warum das so ist kann ganz oberflächlich so erklärt werden, dass die Bearbeitung der Transaktionen von sogenannten Minern erledigt wird, welche mit dieser Netzwerkgebühr entlohnt werden und je höher die Gebühr ist welche mit der Transaktion mitgesendet wird umso schneller wird der Miner diese auch bearbeiten. Die Höhe dieser Transaktionsgebühr hängt mit der Nachfrage im gesamten Netzwerk zusammen – ist die Auslastung höher, steigt auch die Gebühr, sinkt die Auslastung, sinkt auch die Gebühr wieder.

What to do if the transaction takes a long time to be sent

Es ist möglich, dass Sie eine Transaktion versenden und Ihnen diese als versendet angezeigt wird jedoch noch nicht vom Bitcoin-Netzwerk bestätigt wurde. Die Dauer der Transaktion ist abhängig von der Auslastung des Bitcoin-Netzwerks und der Transaktionsgebühr, welche beim Senden gewählt wurde. Je höher die Gebühr gewählt wurde desto teurer ist der Versand, allerdings wird die Transaktion in der Regel auch schneller durchgeführt. Wie Sie die Transaktionsgebühr vor dem Versand verändern können finden Sie hier “Senden”. Sollten die Transaktionsgebühr sehr niedrig gewesen sein bei bereits durchgeführten Versand und die Transaktion aufgrund dessen nicht bestätigt werden, so können Sie, sofern Sie noch ein Guthaben auf Ihrer Wallet haben, den Versand beschleunigen, indem Sie die Transaktionsgebühr im Nachhinein erhöhen. Wie das geht finden Sie in diesem Artikel *Link auf “Was ist TRX-Gebühr erhöhen”*.

What could happen if the amount received is not displayed?

If you are waiting for an incoming transaction that has definitely been sent and is displayed by the sender as a confirmed outgoing transaction, this may be due to the following reasons, among others:

– refresh the transaction history in the app, for example by swiping down the home screen

– Close the app completely and open it again

– keep the app up to date with the latest update. Therefore, check the respective app store for an update

Can I import an existing wallet

Sollten Sie bereits eine bestehende Wallet haben und diese importieren wollen, so benötigen Sie nur den 12 Wörter Wiederherstellungsphrase Ihrer bestehenden Wallet. Genaueres zum Import einer bestehenden Wallet erfahren Sie unter “Wallet – Export / Backup”.