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Exclusivity made easy for you!

From 1 October 2023, exclusive access to Bitcoin ATMs will only be available through the Kurant Wallet app!

It's that easy - discover it now!

Secure exclusive access: Download the Kurant Wallet app exclusively for iOS or Android. Just search for Kurant Wallet in the App Store or Google Play and use it for free.

Register now: If you are not yet registered, we invite you to register at https://app.kurant.net/de/register so that you can use your wallet at ATMs.

Experience exclusivity: Once you sign up, the whole world of Bitcoin transactions is open to you. You are now part of the exclusive community of Kurant Wallet users.

Let’s go: From now on, you can use the Kurant Wallet to make transactions at our ATMs.


Google Play Store

Apple App Store


Step 1

Open the Kurant app and confirm the
– terms and conditions,
– Terms of Use and
– Privacy Policy.

Click “Continue to app”.


Step 2

Click the “Add now” button.

Note: Only one wallet can be linked to the Kurant account.
Additionally created wallets cannot be used with Kurant ATMs.


Step 3

Give your wallet a name (e.g. My First Wallet) and click “Create”.

Note: Only click on “Import Wallet” if you already have a wallet that you want to restore.
If you want to create more wallets, you must do so via the “Import Wallet” function.


Step 4

Log in to https://app.kurant.net/de/register.
If you are not already registered, please complete the one-time registration process.

After you have successfully logged in, please navigate to “Settings” and then to “Wallet”.

Then scan the QR code and confirm by clicking “Connect”.



Step 5

Your wallet is now unlocked.


Step 6

Please write down the 12 words and keep them safe where you can find them.
These words will be used for recovery if you lose your wallet or mobile phone.

So keep them safe!

Click “OK, I wrote it down”.


Step 7

You will now see your newly created wallet (e.g. My First Wallet) in the overview.

-> Select it


Schritt 8

Once activation is complete in all systems, you will see the message “Wallet unlocked” at the bottom.

To view the QR code of your receiving address, select “Receive”.


Step 9

You will now see your QR code to use at the ATM.